( n. eng. ) a whole world created by a girl who has a lot of ideas but too little free time.

welcome !!

best boy !!

❝ you're not alone and we are all fighting together. go at your own pace and we'll rise to the top as one. ❞

learn a bit about the girl behind this wonderful mess, along with her social.

❝ us, brainwashed into the same system, they expect perfection — so how can we be different huh? ❞

yay and nay's + ults.

welcome !!

❝ everyone has their own pace, your pace is special in itself as well. so don't care about others too much, just go the way that you're headed, 'cause it will lead to a very special place. ❞
— bang chan, stray kids

xoxo vee

vee, ronnie.
dec '99. asian.
sagittarius. demi/bi.
in/stp-t. 8w7.
neutral evil.

best boy !!
channie babie !!
best boy !!
channie babie !!

no 15- & 24+. i mostly tweet about stray kids, mainly bang chan and hyunjin. sporadic activity. heavy rt. rarely semi-nsfw.

anti. racist. homophobic. transphobic. xenophobic. pathological liars. asian fetishizing.

TW !
rape. abuse. self-harm. submerging.

yuhyuh !
writing. editing. art. plants. kpop. indie & rock. white noise. chocolate mint. vanilla. tea. coffee with chocolate. cereal with vodka. cats. frogs. astrology. secret journals. grocery shopping. actually shopping in general. stickers. collecting albums. cleanliness. aesthetic forms. memes. l4d. among us. skullgirls.

nuh uh !
hot weather. politics talk. liars. mayonnaise. bitter foods. dust. tight spaces. "emo" kids. overly strict people. crabs.

ults !
stray kids. seventeen. nct. wayv. red velvet. twice.

casual fan !
ateez. itzy. everglow. hyuna. dean. heize. 5sos. atl. fob. mcr. sws. ptv. ariana grande. ruel. doja cat. nicki minaj. grandson. anne-marie. bebe rexha. conan gray. jeremy zucker.

biases !
bang chan. hyunjin. seungmin. wonwoo. junhui. seungcheol. vernon. johnny. kun. lucas. chenle. taeyong. seulgi. chaeyoung. sana.